Teacher Feature: Rose Dease

When did you start practicing yoga?

Spring 2013

Were you hooked immediately, or did it take some time for yoga to become part of your lifestyle?

Immediately, 6 days a week.

How has yoga helped you overcome personal challenges or obstacles in your life?

I’ve learned through the practice of Yoga that nothing is permanent. For example, if I am holding a warrior one for longer than desired, my quad and hip start to become uncomfortable, so I breathe and tell myself it’s not forever. I then approach obstacles off the mat in the same manner.

Do you have any mentors or teachers who have inspired you throughout your yoga journey?

Absolutely! Kevin Corey, co owner of The Yoga Hive, became my non yogic mentor when I began my journey of sobriety November 2011. Months later, he asked me to practice yoga and I denied him over and over, until one spring morning I went to 3 classes in one day and fell in love. He later became my teacher as well, including his beautiful wife, Jenn McConnell. Last but not least, like many yogis, Joell Lanfrank stole my heart and soul. I habitually went to her classes and loved her style of teaching the most: being your authentic fucking self. Although gone in physical form, this chick lives by my side during every class I teach. My teaching style is a combination of Jenn, Kevin, and Joell.

What are your goals as a yoga teacher?

To allow students to be in tune with their true self. To allow emotions to rise and release. Build confidence, happiness, and love in each and every practitioner.

What is your teaching style?

Fun and sassy Vinyasa with a little spice from the Ashtanga lineage.

What have been some of the biggest benefits you’ve found - mentally, physically and spiritually - since you’ve started doing yoga?

Physically, my favorite benefit is my healthy back. I used to hold a lot of tension in the muscles surrounding my cervical spine. I can’t remember the last time I’ve had pain there. Mentally and spiritually, the ability to maintain sobriety for 6 years. Complete abstinence from anything mind altering, and being okay with who I am. Realizing that happiness through teaching is way more beneficial than working 50+ hours a week and never seeing my daughter, Violette.

What has incorporating yoga into your lifestyle taught you about yourself?

Mostly awareness/mindfulness. I’m aware when I’m behaving and thinking negatively. Have I mastered fixing this? Absolutely not, but I’m aware and make small changes.

What is your favorite pose and why?

Hmm.. I love all of them when I’m ready to move. I love when my heart rate begins to increase, and my muscles become fatigued, because I’m sending prana through my body. However, when I’m ready to relax, totally heart bench and legs up the wall are my favorite.

Do you have a mantra or quote you live by?

Nothing is permanent!!

Air, Earth, Fire or Water - Which element speaks to you the most in your practice?

Fire, the Agni. I’ve been described as solar plexus and Rajasic.

What advice would you give to someone who feels too intimidated to try yoga for the first time?

Who cares what you think other people think of you. Yoga is a one size fits all, if you can ignore your ego.

Our mantra is “Live Limitless,” and we aim to inspire people to pursue their passions free of self-doubt or the pressures of societal norms. How has yoga helped you live limitless?

My heart is limitless. More than often, I enter self-pity and shame for not having a full time job with my degree. If I was to do that, I would limit my happiness and time spent with my number one Violette. By teaching and practicing yoga, my heart explodes with limitless love.

If you could design a yoga mat of your own, what would it look like? (because sometimes dreams really do come true)

A rad Buddha because Violette would be stoked.

If you could go on a yoga retreat anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Any tropical island. I LOVE the beach, and I have never left the country.

Do you have a yoga playlist? If so, what kind of music is on it?

Nahko and Medicine for the People, Revolution, Jay z, mantra beats.

Do you have a mantra or quote you live by?

Om Shanti Shanti.

What’s my favorite thing to do besides yoga?

Eat, read and hang with Babe V.
By: Adam Binder
Artist, musician and certified yoga teacher, Adam is the founder of Apeiron Yoga. When not on the mat or in the studio, you can find Adam building beautiful websites or going on adventures with his son, Miles. Adam pushes himself to Live Limitless in all aspects of his life and hopes to inspire others to do the same through the Apeiron movement. Follow him on Instagram at @infinity_in_a_second.