ECO LUXE Yoga Mats

The perfect blend of form, function and flair

LAUNCH COLLECTIONcosmic journey collection

This durable, eco-friendly yoga mat is made of natural tree rubber and cotton microfiber fabric, providing you with extra comfort and non-slip technology during your practice. Apeiron Yoga mats are printed with water based inks to ensure an odorless, non-toxic, beautiful design that will not fade. Forget the days of slipping, towel bunching, and mat tears – Apeiron Yoga mats provide even more grip and stability the more you sweat. For dry hands and feet, spraying water onto the mat before use will further prevent sliding. Apeiron Yoga mats will help improve your practice, inspiring you to always Live Limitless – both on and off your mat!

Cosmic Journey Collection

Eco-friendly yoga mats inspired by the infinite stars above & glowing light within.

Launch Collection

Our classic collection of slip-proof and imaginatively designed yoga mats keeping you safe and stylish in the peak of your practice.