‘Broga’ Now Trending: Best Yoga Mats for Men in 2019

Best Yoga Mat for Men

More and more bros are trading in their rusty barbells and gym memberships for yoga blocks and studio passes. Yoga Journal reported that the number of male yogis, or “brogis” had risen from 17% to 28% between 2012 and 2016. So as the new year rolls in, the number of brogis rolling out their mats is likely to increase. Luckily, Apeiron’s durable, expertly designed, unisex yoga mats are the ideal accessory for men looking to join the scene.

We’ve rounded up photos from our favorite influencers to show that men all around the country are choosing Apeiron yoga mats to support and intensify their practices.

Terrene Yoga Mat Source 

Apeiron yoga mats are made from a synthetic suede fabric that lets you retain a firm grip while you practice, no matter how sweaty you get. As you flow from plank to downward dog, you won’t have to worry about slipping and hitting the mat at awkward, painful angles. Check out how NJ yogi, @salyogi, is able to safely secure this forearm stand variation from the comfort of his Terrene Yoga Mat!

South Beach Yoga Mat Source 

Doesn’t this dance move look a little bit like a side crow pose variation? We took our South Beach Yoga Mat to the streets of NYC and this young, graceful entertainer from @ape_city_breakers showed us that an Apeiron yoga mat is the perfect compliment to any dance floor.

Pretty Thoughts Yoga Mat Source 

Our Pretty Thoughts Yoga Mat features gorgeous, vibrant colors that eddy in smoky plumes below your hands and feet. New Jersey-based yoga teacher, @yogi_kevin, has no problem holding proper form in crow pose as he focuses his gaze on the enrapturing design beneath him.

Midnight Chakra Yoga Mat Source

Fitness guru @justindavidcarl likes to unroll his Midnight Chakra Yoga Mat along the beaches of California. The multi-colored chakras splayed across the mat’s starry sphere represent our various energy centers and the important balance between physical and spiritual health.

Just a Phase Yoga Mat


This list of influencers wouldn’t be complete without Apeiron’s founder, @Infinity_in_a_second on his very own Just a Phase Yoga Mat. On this mat, color and space are meshed to create cavernous dimensions and sear a masculine edge into the soft, synthetic suede fabric. With multiple moons beaming beneath your feet, you’ll feel compelled to resist gravity’s tug and challenge the limits of your limbs to infinity and beyond. 

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Go ahead and add yoga to your 2019 resolutions! From durability to design, Apeiron yoga mats have everything a guy needs to kick his practice into high gear for the new year.

By: Sarah Hodgson