7 Yoga Mats to Light Up Your Practice and Show off Your Personality

Pretty yoga mat

Do the stresses of everyday life make it difficult to stay motivated and focused while you practice yoga? Polishing your practice is a bit easier when you have something pretty and functional under your feet to capture your attention. Trade out that old, crumbling rubber thing you bought at a discount department store (the one you’ve needed to replace every two months) for one of our fan fave yoga mats! Each one has its very own personality and speaks to a number of yogi souls, so you won’t have any trouble finding your perfect match. With these unique, colorful designs unraveling beneath your toes, you’ll never want to roll up your mat again.

Worth mentioning is one feature common to all of these luxurious mats: their synthetic suede surfaces. These mats provide extra comfort and grip during your sweaty practice. Gone are sessions of slippage and frustrating mat tears. These mats from Apeiron are optimal for both light and intense practice, so you can turn the heat up as high as your little heart chakra desires.

For the Day Dreamer: Pretty Thoughts

Colors swirl across this mat like pastel plumes of smoke. As you sink deeper into your downward dog above wisps of blues and pinks, you’ll feel instantly lighter.

Pretty yoga matsSource: @katieneglia

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For the Pumpkin Spice Lover: Autumnal Equinox

The autumnal equinox: when the sun crosses the celestial equator to bring us the first day of fall. Kneeling amongst the stars in an emerald, amber hued atmosphere, you’ll find yourself melting deeper and deeper into child’s pose.

Pretty yoga mat Source: @axelvondravensworth

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For the Star Gazer: Just a Phase

The moon’s cyclical nature is a reminder that nothing is set in stone. Like the moon, you are bound to wax and wane, to grow and emit your luminosity at different intensities every now and then. Trouble balancing in half moon pose? Gaze at these lunar phases and accept life’s little changes as they come. Proceed with an open, encouraged mind knowing that you are never bound to immobility.

Pretty yoga mat Sources: @rowenafulton by @allie.snaps

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For the Absolute Gem: Mystic Pulse

This rose quartz crystal is one of earth’s many beautiful byproducts. A soothing vision of contrasting pinks, this lavish mat has a gorgeous focal point that will make it easier for you to find your own beautiful center.

Pretty Yoga Mat Source: @jilliemae23 and @duex12763 by @allie.snaps

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For the Diamond in the Rough: Amethyst Inspiration

The natural healing, meditative powers of the Amethyst stone make it the perfect compliment to your yoga practice. Float over the bedazzling, violet hues of this gemstone and let its magnificence sharpen your focus and emotional awareness. 

Pretty Yoga Mat Source: @cranashh by @allie.snaps

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For the Beach Bum: South Beach

Termed for its tropical namesake, the “South Beach” mat harnesses the balmy, sandy energy of your favorite island oasis. Hear that? It’s the roll and crash of foamy waves on the shoreline. Sea glass, shells and pebbles tumble in the surf and splash onto the beach, just a few feet away from where you lie in Savasana. 

Pretty Yoga Mat Source: @yoga_phoe by @allie.snaps

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For the Boho Babe: Bohemian Crush

This abstract mat melds colors and patterns to capture the fun of your yoga practice. Draw inspiration from this lighthearted blend of pinks and purples. Float seamlessly from pose to pose. A misstep here and a wobble there are only cause for laughter.

Pretty Yoga Mat Source: @nikiforreal by @amieretzlaff

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Get Un-Rolling 

Find your perfect mat? Time to get moving! Hit the studio, or that nice patch of floor near your bedroom window, unroll your beautiful new mat and get working on that practice of yours. Forget the trials of the outside world and get lost in the vibrant, lively fusion of colors in your Apeiron yoga mat.

By: Sarah Hodgson