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‘Broga’ Now Trending: Best Yoga Mats for Men in 2019

More and more bros are trading in their rusty barbells and gym memberships for yoga blocks and studio passes. Yoga Journal reported that the number of male yogis, or “brogis” had risen from 17% to 28% between 2012 and 2016. So as the new year rolls in, the number of brogis rolling out their mats is likely to increase. Luckily, Apeiron’s durable, expertly designed, unisex yoga mats are the ideal accessory for men looking to join the scene. 

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7 Yoga Mats to Light Up Your Practice and Show off Your Personality

Do the stresses of everyday life make it difficult to stay motivated and focused while you practice yoga? Polishing your practice is a bit easier when you have something pretty and functional under your feet to capture your attention. Trade out that old, crumbling rubber thing you bought at a discount department store (the one you’ve needed to replace every two months) for one of our fan fave yoga mats! Each one has its very own personality and speaks to a number of yogi souls, so you won’t have any trouble finding your perfect match. With these unique, colorful designs unraveling beneath your toes, you’ll never want to roll up your mat again. 

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