A Weekend in Review: SUP the River & The Makers Festival

Typically the weekend is meant for relaxing, rejuvenating and preparing for the week ahead.

Well, not so much this past weekend.

Part of our “Live Limitless” mantra includes adventuring outside of our comfort zones, and last Saturday we challenged ourselves to take on not one, but TWO huge events in our community.

Didn’t get a chance to stop by our booths at SUP the River or The Makers Festival? Here’s how our double header day went down.


SUP the River - Toms River, NJ

The first stop on our day of festivities was SUP the River, a charity paddleboard race run by our friends at the Greater Toms River Chamber of Commerce.

The morning started off grey and chilly (good thing we had Live Limitless hoodies on hand!), but SUPers were invited to warm up with a few stretches with Maura Fields to get grounded and focused before the race. A rainbow of yoga mats and paddleboards along with waterfront demos from Julie Shoemaker and Jill Eble made for a beautiful juxtaposition of peace and serenity against the hustle and excitement of the race.


 Photo: Maura Fields (@zenbessie7)

Apeiron’s SUPers Adam and Connor might not have crossed the finish line first, but the money raised for the Barnegat Bay Partnership along with the incredible people we met at the Apeiron table made for a winning way to start our day of fun.

The Makers Festival - Manahawkin, NJ

Our next stop on our supersized Saturday was the Makers Festival, an arts festival taking place right behind Apeiron headquarters at Manahawkin Lake Park.

The Makers Festival is an annual event that aims to “celebrate the collective artistic endeavors of homegrown talent, locally and beyond.” With a mission like that, we knew we had to get involved!

Being able to introduce festival goers to our collection and gauge their reactions in real time was an awesome experience, and getting to see hundreds of people (and dogs and babies!) test out our mats first hand was a real treat for us. Watching our mats in action at yoga classes throughout the day while sharing our “Live Limitless” mantra with the community made for a perfect ending to our action packed afternoon.

A Big Thank You

There are so many things we could say about our experiences at SUP the River and the Makers Festival, but perhaps the best way to wrap it up is by saying thank you. Thank you to everyone who stopped by our tables to make Apeiron part of their yoga journey. Thank you to everyone who passed by to share their experience with yoga. Thank you to everyone who made the vow to take steps towards living without limits. And thank you to YOU for taking an interest in our adventures!

If you weren’t able to make it out to SUP the River or the Makers Festival, don’t worry! You can still check out the collection online or at select locations along the Jersey Shore.
By: Adam Binder
Artist, musician and certified yoga teacher, Adam is the founder of Apeiron Yoga. When not on the mat or in the studio, you can find Adam building beautiful websites or going on adventures with his son, Miles. Adam pushes himself to Live Limitless in all aspects of his life and hopes to inspire others to do the same through the Apeiron movement. Follow him on Instagram at @infinity_in_a_second.