New Year, New Yoga Mat: Five signs it’s time to retire your old mat

Apeiron Yoga Mat
Out with the old and in with the New Year... and new yoga mat! The best way to improve your yoga practice in 2019 is to start fresh - fresh goals, fresh outlook and fresh equipment. Sure, the flimsy and frayed yoga mat that helped you through last year’s resolutions has become something of a security blanket, but it’s time to let go and move on. After all, a worn yoga mat can actually be a detriment to your safety and progress.

Having trouble deciding whether or not your yoga mat has still got some life left in it? Here are a few telltale signs that your mat is ready for a trip to the trash can.

1. It has bald spots   

If your mat is worn down in certain places (particularly where your hands and feet go), you could be due for a new one. Check your mat by looking at it from the side. Has it hollowed out in the front? How about the back? The middle? Practicing on a worn, uneven yoga mat could lead to some serious joint damage. It’s also harder to maintain poses and flow from position to position on an uneven surface.  

2. It’s shedding

Do you find colorful little bits of mat between your toes after a particularly intense session? If you answered ‘yes’ then your yoga mat is literally falling apart under your feet. Don’t wait for your mat to disintegrate - throw it out and start fresh. Continuing to practice on a crumbling mat could interfere with your practice and lead to injury or joint issues.

3. It smells

When you flow down into Chaturanga, do you get a hefty whiff of foot sweat? If disinfectant isn’t getting rid of lingering smells and your yoga mat stinks not-so-faintly of body odor and dirt, it might be ready for the trash. After all, It’s hard to relax in Savasana when your yoga mat gives off sour, unpleasant odors.

4. It's not sticky anymore

If your mat has lost its traction and become a perilous slip and slide during hot yoga, it’s time to shop around. Traction is especially crucial for when you’re flowing from one difficult pose to the next. To test if your mat is frictionless, check your posture in downward dog. Are your feet slipping? Flow down into Chaturanga and then Upward Dog. How is your posture? If you’re experiencing slippage it’s time for a new, sticky yoga mat. Buyer’s tip: Apeiron’s non-slip mats are made with textured, sweat-activated materials so that when you perspire, you won’t lose your grip.

5. It doesn’t fully unroll

Mats that crinkle and curl after they’ve been unrolled could be past their shelf lives. If your mat’s edges are wild and unruly even after you’ve tried to secure the four corners to the ground with yoga blocks, the issue could persist and interfere with your yoga practice. It’s high time you find a sturdy new mat that lays flat on the studio floor.

Out with the old!

Unroll your 2019 practice with fresh goals and gear. Need help finding the perfect mat to last you in the new year? Our eco-friendly yoga mats are non-slip and made with a durable, synthetic-suede material to keep you safe, stylish and comfortable while you practice all year long.

By: Sarah Hodgson