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Namaste at My Desk: 8 Yoga Poses You Can Do at Work

Oct 10, 2018 Sarah Hodgson

Whoops. You just looked at the clock and realized you’ve been sitting at your desk for nearly 4 hours without so much as a bathroom break. As more and more sources report that a sedentary lifestyle can be a detriment to your heart, weight and brain, it’s vital that you break up your seated, inactive periods at the office with movement. And what better way to move than with a restorative yoga session?

7 Yoga Mats to Light Up Your Practice and Show off Your Personality

Jul 27, 2018 Sarah Hodgson

Do the stresses of everyday life make it difficult to stay motivated and focused while you practice yoga? Polishing your practice is a bit easier when you have something pretty and functional under your feet to capture your attention. Trade out that old, crumbling rubber thing you bought at a discount department store (the one you’ve needed to replace every two months) for one of our fan fave yoga mats! Each one has its very own personality and speaks to a number of yogi souls, so you won’t have any trouble finding your perfect match. With these unique, colorful designs unraveling beneath your toes, you’ll never want to roll up your mat again. 

Teacher Feature: Katie Loftus

Feb 12, 2018 Adam Binder

Finding yoga was probably one of the best things that could have happened to me during such a crazy time in my life. It has allowed me to overcome so much, and shown me that there’s no limit to what I can do or accomplish. It has allowed me to feel comfortable as my authentic self.

Teacher Feature: Emily Bowker

Feb 11, 2018 Adam Binder

Yoga allows you to live limitless because it is about letting go of the past and the future and living in the present moment. If we did this perfectly.. Living limitless would be the only way to live if we did not worry about things we could not control.

Teacher Feature: Tess McDaniel

Jan 26, 2018 Rebecca White

Teacher Feature: Emily Bessemer

Dec 17, 2017 Adam Binder

Teacher Feature: Rose Dease

Nov 29, 2017 Adam Binder

Overcoming Cancer with Yoga

Oct 31, 2017 Adam Binder

Teacher Feature: Rebecca White

Sep 27, 2017 Adam Binder

Teacher Feature: Nicolette Cardillo

Sep 13, 2017 Adam Binder

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